Srikasih Febriyanti


Emancipation Today.

I sincerely hope that women's practical thinking and independency are not taken as threat for men's pride. Instead, I hope it is taken as a compulsory trade for men to navigate the ship of life with their reliable co-pilots. Those women respect the space given by the men to function and share opinion. Those women listen two times better to the men who listen to them. The men who discuss instead of debate. The men who appreciate, who lead instead of command. Yes, those men who are not afraid. Men who has courage to be the wind beneath their women's wings. 

Women look up to their chosen leader in the family they decide to build with. And women who are respected for all that above will return to no one but their inner love and strength: their chosen partner, husband, father of their children. 

I sincerely hope men would be brave enough to strengthen their women to grow just fine within their sights. And be proud to witness all that.