Srikasih Febriyanti


At Dusk.

I love to sneak in to my editor's room just to get this view from above, because there's no better side to see the sunset other than this corner. Dec 29, however, remarks the last day of work this year. Other colleagues has already gone for holiday, so office is pretty empty today. I come in today to wrap some works left to be done and do a little catch up with the team before we embark together again, hopefully safe and sound, next year.


It's pretty upside down here and there, but days spent in this aquarium has been a meaningful ride. Learnt new things, improved some, let go of other stuffs. It's been a great journey with the team, but just like any other journey, I wish this one would lead me to better destination. Let's see where the road heads me up onwards.

Till then, stay awesome.
Have a pleasant break! 

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