Srikasih Febriyanti


Another Green World.

Spend the first Sunday of the year by listening to the 1975 release by the genius Brian Eno. He's been always one of inspirations to withdraw aspiration in music, arts and design. PRINT once written about his album arts as you can read fully here

As for Another Green World, the album’s pastoral cover art is a detail from “After Raphael,” a painting by Tom Phillips, Eno’s mentor during his days at Ipswich Art College. (Some believe that the boy in the foreground, with the blond hair and the red beanie, is meant to be Eno.) The back cover depicts the decidedly un-rocking image of Eno sitting up in bed, reading a book — underlining the album’s general vibe of stillness, solitude, and quiet reflection.

"I'll find a place somewhere in the corner, I'm gonna waste the rest of my days. Just watching patiently from the window. Just waiting, seasons change, some day... my dreams will pull you through that garden gate." 

Favorite track to spend the noon with. 
One day, I'll come running to you.