Srikasih Febriyanti


Dusk Away.

If life were a long journey, then I feel so grateful for every miles I've encountered. Another year has passed again and I can't wait to see what the road brings on my way ahead. As I reached the end of 2015 safely, I am now ready to embark into 2016 with a heart full of hope. I have forgiven myself, made amends, and that's enough to go further. And if I happen to cross over fragments that once break me in previous stations, I know I have much better perspective to shut them down. For I know that all I want, of all things, is everything to be just fine.

Cheers to another year of acceptance and gratefulness. For the experience that helped me grow and the liberty to expand my potential. Also for the chance to roll on with those people I love, respect and cherish forever no matter what happened in the past. I wish we would never get lost and always find ourselves wherever we are. For those who rest deeply inside my heart, I hope love will unite all of us again in the future. 

This was the last dusk of the year. When I clearly remember You, and let go most of my fear. Thank You, for always be here. Never far, always near.