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Victoire's View.

Monday strikes again after 96 hours of body recharge. It's time to get back and finish some works left. But before that, this new piece from James Victoire which reveals his ideal vision of design education worth to be read.

The James Victoire's Collection on Behance:

The James Victoire's Collection on Behance:

"We need to remind students to use what they already have inside: their history, their loves, their fears. We have to teach students how to use their brains, to make their senses of association and imagery sharp and flexible and urge them to seek their own way and express their individuality. We have to push them to think for themselves, form an opinion—and know that their opinions matter. Essentially, we have to “teach” them to be themselves and put it in their work."

Dangerous Ideas on Design Education.
Read more of his manifesto.

Have a great week ahead. 

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