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Mirroring Ava.

Ex Machina might be one of polished sci-fi movies I have ever watched. It was not much of its artificial intelligence portion that attracted me at first, but more into how this movie was visually crafted. It is really a beautiful movie, composed by a lot of mirroring scenes (in which probably aligned with its idea-heavy script) to carry the issue of how humanity collides with technology.

Through the eyes of Rob Hardy, all the subtle nuances in Alex Garland's movie have made it into a masterpiece. With his tungsten-based lighting design and his decision to mix delicate balance between visual effects and usage of reflection to help tell a story, Ex Machina got a real deal to be someone's favorite. 

I can't help but to keep few scenes of those layering expressions, reflections and dramatic composition I saw from this movie. Ended with an upside-down camera shoots the stretched shadows of passers-by on a busy street was only one of many bits from Ex-Machina and its underlying story about being a human really means. I bet digging up its story would give another pleasant thoughts about further leaps in technology, mirroring Ava – the open ending prototype of intelligent. Go enjoy it yourself. Why so?

Cause' we are now residing at the most possible frame in reality.
Have a good weekend, peeps. 

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