Srikasih Febriyanti


The Funny Flaw.

Something funny happened today. Maybe not that kind of funny-funny, but nonetheless it left me nothing but a pure laugh shared with the team.

Cut the story short, the issue was about my recent publication. Apparently, it didn't please other eyes that much and somebody had to shout out loud for that. Not in front of my face, but precisely on my editor's, who sufficiently presented a laid-back gesture to tackle the stone out off her face.

When she told me what I've missed, I could only laugh about it. And the reason being was because sometimes autonomous comment comes handy to be anything from compliment to bitter criticism, and that depends on how I see it. I wasn't insulted, or down as people might expected me to be, cause I know what to pick from the bottom line. And of course, because my thought process leading me to see the bigger picture, not on the comment alone.

Being judged in creative industry is part of the game, baby. Design is very subjective and the only objectivity to use is to spare the room for flaws. It's not that I don't work on improving myself, for I took advices from my fellow designers and constantly follow up on what-to-be-done better in the next issue. That yellow sticky notes found on both of my publication copies didn't attach for nothing. Those are reminder of my flaws. Nobody in the team would have noticed that, in case they mistook their copies with mine. Plus, the baby had just born. It will eventually get better, because above any commitment, it has to be better.

I have been spending 5 months working with a good team in which I look up to: designers and artworkers who armed with good publication's eyes and decent taste. Working with them has set one bar for me to keep up, as I better be reliable enough to arm the team from whatever context I might stand in between. And today, thanks to that little chirp incident, I have found out that I have guided and protected well enough to continue improving up. I might not have so much supportive superlative, but I have more than I need from the team. So, what's there to sweat about?

And as I type this note on my way home to coat my feeling, I recall the decision I made to keep learning. This bump means nothing but a kick to a better delivery. Now, let me release the confetti to the unleashed pack of good friends in the team, who have spared me space to grow. Much appreciated.

See, it's funny how a silly comment opens up a wider window to overlook the whole point. All I know, the aim is always to produce a better work tomorrow.

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta.