Srikasih Febriyanti


The Yellow Machine.

It's been awhile since I jot down some notes about current phase I am in. Three months have flown pretty fast. I hardly remember how rough things at first in this place, knowing that everything finally turned out alright at the end. Maybe things are always gonna be good at the end, indeed. And when it comes to the end, this always lead me to contemplate so I won't get lost on my own track. 

There are few things that matter for me to take note about. Being a newbie in different field gives a thrill to embrace. Going to the back-end corner and noticing details out of the big picture is kind of irritating at first, but that won't last for long. I see things differently when I am barricaded by grid and folio, guarded by baseline as my new best friend. Apparently rooting back to the basic saves the soul of a designer, and this is the experience I won't trade easily with anything else. 

It's funny how all now make sense at the end of the lane. It's even funnier when an evaluation meeting with client could boost up certain senses, or how imperfection glitters one self to accept mistakes and believe the crappy stuffs could be much eliminated in the future for both side.

I opted to dive into more detail works in publication to get myself aware for deeper design instruments and I think I have nailed 50% at the first quarter. I assume this is made possible by the team I have been working with and also the project I am assigned for. The pain comes with joy, and both are beneficial enough for me to learn and improve as I go by with the daily stuff. Now, the challenge would be how to nail the rest for the best. 

It's time to gear up and wear the safety helmet. I have few more coming issues to release and more to explore with this brand, in which I found a similar feeling that once existed. The road might be bumpy, but 'riding on a chunky truck' is fun enough for a petite human being like me.

Man, life's good enough watching things from behind. 
Hope all is well for all of us.