Srikasih Febriyanti


Has it been lost?

Has creative and strategic thinking been lost in Indonesian marketing? The question was interesting, and the curiosity to find the answer led me to attend Jakarta Content Marketing Meet-Up hosted by GetCRAFT. By inviting few speakers who seemingly able to comprehend fair point of views, I was kinda excited to get answers from both creative and strategic side. Below are some of my personal notes from the meet-up itself to keep.  

Creative POV: Alfa Aphrodita, CEO of Arcade 
"Entrepreneurship has shaped me into better creative person. Keep on doing clever works that also persuasive to the market, because we need to remember that we're here to sell." 

Media POV: Grace Hong, Associate Partner of Mindshare
As quoted from the founder of Intel, change has never been this fast and it will never be slow again. Grace reminded us to be aware of new consumers (both TV audience and digital audience), new competitions (the fast growth of e-commerce), new data of variants users, new media. Gotta remember to embrace contradiction and not losing the speed that we have. 

  • Adapt to new change
  • Learn to experiment
  • Celebrate failure

Planning POV: Henry Manampiring, Planning Director of Leo Burnett 
While he represented strategic planner's point of view, he started his session by reminding us about one thing: strategic thinking is not a role per se, it is a mindset. Strategy is not about being the smartest. It is about being the most agile, adaptive and humble.

Though he firmly said "I don't know" as to answer the main core question, but he assured that we might lost both creative and strategic thinking in our market if these two things gone.

  • HUMILITY. Losing the attitude of 'we could be wrong'. Losing the humility to accept that our consumers don't give a fudge. Ignoring the possibility of "why people should care about our products?" and be too cocky to notice that. Losing the humility to say I DON'T KNOW. And last but not least, losing the ability to experiment… we should really stop asking people to judge our ideas. 
  • THE BRAND OWNER LOST CONTROL. Enough of the story. Things could be really really really fatal here.

Henry also recommended one good read on marketing to dig more. How Brands Grow is based on decades of research that has progressively uncovered scientific laws about buying and brand performance written by Byron Sharp. 

This book is the first to present these laws in context, and explore their meaning and marketing applications. 
I had never read any of marketing book before, but maybe this one could be a start.

"Rather than striving for meaningful, perceived differentiation, marketers should seek meaningless distinctiveness. Branding lasts, differentiation doesn't. Differentiation is most potent when it is based on a relevant and tangible asset that can be experienced through the senses." 

Client POV: Dian Gemiano, Head of Digital of FWD Life
"Clients just need to be honest and be transparent with the agency and stop hiding behind those big marketing words. And remember, not all things are gonna be solved by just making apps." He also highlighted that budget has to come along wisely in order to get the products sold well in the market, by sharing the right obstacles in order to get the right creative advices on efficient medium/channels. 

"We are not losing strategic thinking, we're losing the fundamental perspective of a marketing situation." Gemi made a clear statement as he ended his session.

Despite the uncomfortable venue (which mainly caused by the over-limit attendees and noisy people at the back) I enjoyed the talk very much. Definitely looking forward for the next meet-ups.