Srikasih Febriyanti


Twenty Eight.

There I was few days ago, standing on the 25th floor to blend with infinite sky when I turned 28. As I tried to put myself in retrospect, I noticed I might not be the same person I knew few years back, that I have changed by a lot of things, and I actually embraced every events with any ability left. I was shrugged down, one or two times, losing myself some perspectives I once believed, but at the end I made up reasons to stand again. 

It was never easy, really, to pass some unfortunate occasions that I needed to deal with, to accept changes the way it should be. To hide out, to seek nothing but answers of anything that went off the paper, to almost throw all the blessings in the air without ever be grateful for all of that. But through many urges to figure myself out, I found the missing piece that hold me just right there to never jump off the cliff, even thought things were getting unfair and hard.

That piece is my dream. That certain package of dream that built upon love, and faith on The Greatest Being. The one that wake me up every single morning with no doubt feeling.

If I were ever asked about one thing I notice in detail lately, I think the answer would be 'energy'. Never occurred to me once, either, to actually see 'it' transforms into the only drive that led me to what I do at the moment, or where I stand today, fueling the dream out of me. It strikes me in the right dosage, balances the imbalance amount of hope and will, and it always come from certain people around who could see me better, better than I do. And as I take this opportunity to introspect again, I guess I owe those human beings more than just a state of being fine, but something greater, something better. 

As February this year offers me thicker patch to heal, I am thankful for opportunity given to grow Letterplatters, to launch Letterature initiative, to exhibit the ideas, to gain acknowledgment, to be myself who appreciates life (and hopefully, love) again. And since today is the last day of my duty in Xtreme Graphics, I am looking forward for another journey with the new agency. I hope I have more interesting stories to share this year. 

However, even if life would still poke me with the needles of truth, I only wish for a stronger heart, and energy to stay within my every fight.

That's all and I'll be alright. 

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