Srikasih Febriyanti


The Almighty Grid.

I have been spending my time nurturing my interest on typography while questioning myself where would this passion takes me. It just fascinates me naturally every single day, on the book that I read, on the billboard that I see, both on prints or digital mediums, and on any written piece I pass by at any seconds. I never know where I would be with this love I have inside me. one love, that can't be described simply to others, because for them this fascination means nothing. 

Until one morning, I found myself sitting in front of brand new iMac and dwelling the working flow over InDesign files in this particular publishing company. I didn't know how this cross my pathway, really. With no experience in editorial before, I think somehow universe is being kind by offering me one ticket to be where I supposed to be. After all these years, this could be one last playground to explore.

So here I go, placing myself in the system, putting my thoughts within The Almighty Grid with all the set that I carry in me. I almost forget how luxurious it feels to stay hungry for new knowledge to munch.

Hope this could be a good meal to be grateful for. 

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