Srikasih Febriyanti



As I am now back to roam in places and allocate time to actually sit down and write, I think having in hand is the best option at the moment. I am not quite sure how I end up signed up for one, but this platform has been really helpful to help me jotting down my thought when it's hot – anywhere in the world. Even when there's no connection to the network, it still loads up my set of thoughts. 

I started to fill my journal in the recent trip made to Bangkok and Singapore, and started documenting some notes under a serial journal called Airport Romance. Beware of the name because it is definitely has no romance essence as expected, but more of design/life/lame writings which you might surprisingly enjoy. However, feel free to squeeee with me. 

It feels great to be able to write again.
Bonjour, words!

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