Srikasih Febriyanti


Stay Committed.

There's one thing that I found out about myself this year. Something that is not entirely fancy, but I guess it matters a lot for my own being. I have been attached with few major interests that come from different scope, which led me to have so much love to learn. Learn anything, sit down, and study. That love alone grows even bigger with access and support that I got with me, even though in the contrary, I also got distracted so easily. 

I have found out that I can't stay focus in a long run, hence my variety of interests come handy to safe me. I can be really focus on one thing, at one particular time, and gain multiple shots at that given period... but that's it. I tend to leave things hanging when I lost it at the first place, without making any fast manoeuvre to pick what's left to be done. And as I constantly checking on myself, this kind of habit would never let me strike the complete goal. What's the point of doing things halfway, right?

It was early May when I decided to check on my study pattern so I could manage what's the best way to grasp all those interesting lessons before I enrol myself on online courses. I start to sort out few courses based on the time-length, so they wouldn't crack up my working hours, and that would eliminate the chance of me striking it half-way again. One-month length is perfect for me. There I solve one problem among others. 

I picked up three short courses in sequence since then. I got them finished on time, with satisfying results, and well-filled brown leather journal in months. After those great attempts to prove (at least for my own good), I encountered myself at the 'pause' stage. No more extra time to read, to study, to browse. I didn't lose my love to learn, of course. It was just me trying to break my learning habit at first, in which resulted myself to find what's I always lack in myself. 


As bold and steady as it sounds, I figured out what got me distracted all the way was my lack of commitment. Geez, any love needs commitment. There's nothing wrong by being a creature of habit for something that really matters. And it's important to dictate ourselves when it raves to our own love, which in my context today is my love of learning. Yes, learning anything.

So here I am making a point of commitment. To complete one day streak on German language till it's complete. To start another two online courses in sequence until the end of the year. To finish those scholarship essays and submit them in time. To manage content on Letterplatters' page every month. To complete 31 days challenge of #inktober and submit one post per day. To consistently contemplate and write for Think Ink. To complete stages at PvZ2 and Township like a boss. To finish everything I start, and remember why I started it at the first place. 

For the love of learning. In repeat. There's always one checkpoint to pass before new commitment arises.

Have a great week, peeps.