Srikasih Febriyanti


Odds & Possibilities.

Stumbled upon A Truncated Story of Infinity just in time before bed last night. This short movie is written and directed by New York City filmmaker Paul Trillot which explores one day in the life of a man spread out over the infinite possibilities of the multiverse. 

Each frame leaves a space for our own interpretation, while on the other side, Andrew Georgopaulos captured nice cinematography to accommodate our lingering thoughts. This shortie also offers such a sweet and lighthearted exploration of the futility and possibilities that often appear on infinite loop, told by a narrator in a gracefully manner. There's also a slight tune that sounds like Erik Satie's piece at the back, but this one, only if you really put attention. Or maybe that's just me.

"I wouldn’t know where to begin.
Even more troublingly, I wouldn’t know where to end.
I suppose we could start with today."

Would you toast for any good possibilities this month?
I hope you would. Have a great week ahead.