Srikasih Febriyanti


On Chance.

I have always wonder about the only chance, the final round that might change the whole plot of one's life, a contrast reality in a flick. Some people see their paths clearly that they begin to plan as they wish, hoping that the only chance in their ways would always be a fixer to those agitated matters. While some others don't. I haven't been in a situation where I found myself stand on the only chance for such a long time, where any result comes would be contrary significant. It's like one time fight and all you wish to happen is to win, or else you lose and there's no other option. It's us, and the only chance to meet a fine and firm situation wrapped in a word fate.

Remember Jim Braddock's life portrayed well on this movie? When he finally knows what was there to fight for on his comeback. Yes, milk. 

At the other hand, I have nothing but to face and put believe in myself that everything would just turn out alright no matter how the result is going to be like. My only chance is to come and fight for something that I know I truly want. A single golden ticket which has possibilities I myself would never know, a roulette of million hopes where the only thing I fancy is to gamble my luck out of anything else. No matter how fear works normally blocking out some of my vibes, I understand that I have to put nothing above my capability, for I know where to rest my case when everything turns out unlikely. I am allowed to fight harder.

And for that only chance, I'll stand. 

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