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What My Break Truly Means.

For some people, a break could be a series of hiking up to the mountain or those sleepless days spend by the beach on sunny day. It could be a state of one's decision to do nothing at particular time, having the best time of their lives and don't give any shit cause 'doing something' could be a deal breaker. Some would hook themselves with round of flights and activate their auto-reply mails as they would be traveling for God knows how long... in which could be a pretty fit for a word 'break' after all.

I would love to picture myself running freely doing several happy things at the moment, all those stuffs from inking an off-duty tattoo on my body to seashore sightseeing at some random cliffs in the island of God and end up being a hibernating bear at any random jungle as long as I want. That could be a perfect break to me, at the very least. But of course, that's not happening for me right now.

As I type this down, here goes my reply for all texts sent over right to me due to my 'break'. For some of you who chase me through LinkedIn wondering around where I am at the moment, I am nowhere but here in the city at my own cave. To those who happened to meet me and got i-am-on-my-break answer with no wide explanation given, thank you for asking. I am sorry I couldn't make it to round of gossiping meet ups because, sadly, a break gives me bunch of dirtier laundry to do. 

Maybe just like some of people out there, I run my days by doing two things at one time. And this is the core of my current 'break' means in my dictionary. The urgency of taking a break on early August was of course rooted by the nature, it meant to happen that way and I guess it was truly a call to resign. So there, I decided to put myself on pause mode on my day-to-day career from the agency, and fully transfer my time to switch the gear to run my other creative machine and do other things I had no chance to do before as follow.

Fixing My Own Roof

It was not easy at all to track down what's left behind within these 2 years, but I am glad I allocated my time to take care of my own baby. The whole schedule of Letterplatters being invited for pitches, done deals with few new clients, gained new portfolios, worked remotely by phone from bed (finally understood that frustrating feeling), had time for more studio visits, compromised on meetings plus book-keepings, engaged for some brand training with local start-ups, and registered the necessary shits to be followed up with government bureaucracy were new experiences to name a few. Multitasking at its best though I lost my weight doing all that.

Finding New Routines

I lost hours and hours of sleep during my working time at the agency, and 'break' means paying-off the debt. Trained myself to sleep early and wake up earlier. Picked up the morning run habit and withdrawn decent caffeine intake. Stayed at home more unless I had meetings or some errands to do outside. Continued the rest of self-treat session and compiled new mixes. 

Kickin' Off Letterature

Taking sometime off from daily works could be more time to meet like-minded friends to talk about anything. Catching up with the right people could trigger new ideas, and in my case, it's always a good time to talk about collaboration project as to strengthen our bonding in useful way. This time, I got a chance to kick off Letterature initiative event scheduled to happen early next year. I am excited to know I got so many supports for this project. Can't be more grateful.

Screenwriting Workshop, Checked!

I have been a fan of one local director named Mouly Surya since years ago, and it was really an experience to attend her screenwriting class organized by Pabrikultur. I managed to get my direction fixed and now I slowly picking up details to add into my draft, in which very hard to do, because translating visuals in words are just so tacky yet so intriguing. It is so 'heavy' that I gotta tell myself not to give up knowing I could always-push-myself-to-exercise. 

Letterpress Training, Checked! 

It was a beautiful 'accident' to get a slot on letterpress training schedule with The Distillery Asia. Even though I was putting super high hope to be hired as one of their printmakers, but at the end I realize that I have physical boundary to concern too. However, I gained so many basic lessons from fixing Pantone color manually to platemaking, apart from operating Heidelberg itself. It was really nice getting to know The Distillery team both in Sydney and Jakarta, as I managed to meet them on their launching days weeks ago. Inspiring and passionate people to work with, really. Can't thank Nathan, Karen Djuanda and Geri for the opportunity!

Slicing Up Times 

My break this time means I got to pay back time with family I often neglect during my busy days. Though my parents are not here with me, but some rebounding with extended family enriched my perspective. When there's no meeting to attend, I also got to meet few close friends to catch up, just to see them (and their babies) sometimes. After all, as much as I gained peace on certain part of my life, I would like to keep in contact with those who matter so I can appreciate good times before all gone again. And of course, it's great to see most of them are in best version of themselves. 

In approximately 90 days of cleaning ups, I would say that I had a good time finding a much clearer view to go onwards. After one job offer to another that comes, I finally picked one that I need rather than what I want which offers a switch of tremendous advertising workflow to graphic design's suit. Being an art director at this new designation is intriguing, yet I am all excited to start contributing my best to this new company. Wish me luck.

I would still have a lot on my plate by running my day doing two things side by side every single day, but I look forward to be in the process of getting 'em done. I realize that I made a promise to myself years back not to let down some important people in my life. And as I hope I would continue to do my best as much as I can, I hope someday, I would make them proud.

Because thank you, you know who you are, who stands from the beginning and witness my ups and downs. I thank you, each of you, very much.  

This is it, this is what my 'break' truly mean: fulfilling the way to reach a point of 'coming back'. And may the beach with super hyped cliff to share anything-nice-on-the-rock with, the mountain scenic sunrise, and all that imaginary heavenly trips I ever wish would define my break one day, yes, when the time is right for me.

Sabbe satta bhavantu sukhitatta. 

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