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On Appreciation.

Have you ever knocked yourself with a thought on how much you put yourself into the works you have produced, made, or created over the years? Or how do you see the level of attachment, when you completely give your sweat into each executed piece?

I had a chance to meet up with one respective Creative Director who overviewed some of my portfolio yesterday. At the end of the review, he came up with a question that reminded me on how much I love what I do for a living, and most importantly how much I appreciate the tough learning process along the way. He asked how much my involvement into each projects and suddenly a fragment of up-and-downs were flickering before my eyes. 

"When you put things into your books, you know enough how much you have taken care of them. No matter how bad or good they are, I am proudly calling them my works."

That statement didn't come in a split sec, in fact, it just came at the right moment. To be honest, I usually forget how it feels when I stepped out from Board of Directors' room or clients' mansion after presentation because that feeling tends to get swept away after long hours of sleep afterwards. But I do remember the details of process I have gone through with the team when I wake up the next day, or even solo contribution to make sure I am beneficial at any context to give out the best I could to get the idea sold.

I make my living in a creative realm where passion is the only thing for people like me to hold on. Not everyone could appreciate what we do the way we do, but what matters most is us who appreciate what we do as we always do. This is the thing I'd intend to keep though God only knows how long I would be in this industry, and to make sure I appreciate my flaws to keep on learning so I could grow. Grow better.   

And of course, I think this could make us appreciate what others do the same way for crafting their works the way they do. Because attachment and sense of belonging aren't built instantly overnight. Somehow, we'll naturally get notified to appreciate that. 

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