Srikasih Febriyanti



If I shall pick to roam myself at only one channel at the moment, I would like to devote my hours back to the intense feeling of pouring words into writings. I have neglected my very own needs to jot down on my journal pages for almost 4 years, only to found out that I was being fooled by the world during those time just because I didn't analyze things I should have reflected upon a piece of paper. I am glad that dark moments has been changing slowly and I found my spark back to gather what's left in me, on Medium. 

Literature is delirium, and as such its destiny. It is once said by Gilles Deleuze and I guess the perfect fit to keep on letting fluttered thoughts come in handy is through one-story a day posting. Who knows I would someday catch myself giving birth to something special as I ever wish for. 

With #Letterature, I toast to a chance once more.

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