Srikasih Febriyanti


Quality Control.

As part of the whole training schedule, I got a chance to assist on quality control part. It was all stacks of letterpress business cards with edge coloring finishing treatment. For a person who always attached on instant checker using technology, getting back to manual way was quite tiring. And this is the point where I learn about my senses, even more.

Activating our senses take up energy. We get all our brain stimulated to be aware of failures to get the best and qualified work. And it takes so much more than that when it is all about handcrafted produced materials. Analogue process takes time, sweat and faith hoping the works would turn out just fine. That's why after such long stages, emotional baggage would come when we know things are turned out to be unexpectedly disappointing.

I notice that the "be brave to accept failures" is not only a jargon. Failures shape us to seek perfection and let go for whatever might happened. Even when we push ourselves so hard to achieve at least the fair ones out of bad works, it could give us lots of uncertainty of our own standards of goodness.

Point is, quality control is the process where we allow activate ourselves to accept thing as it is, to reduce the same error, to never repeat it again, and to count backwards to the early stage of process. Nobody could defeats a good system, indeed, but shit does happen. And that alone, what we have to embrace in our lives. Strike an ace, and be brave to do it all over again when you fail. 

That's rather psychological, but in life, we can always try.