Srikasih Febriyanti


The Windmill.

I've been taking a 2-weeks break after Ramadhan campaign for trial training on letterpress. Got lucky enough to be given a short training session hosted by The Distillery Asia, in which it's most likely like a dream came true to me. My first week went well, from ink mixing to guillotine and all that platemaking. My shirts and hands are getting dirtier, but somehow my scattered mind are getting tidier. The whole process of handcrafted works help me reducing the stress I withdrawn from advertising, really.

I started to enjoy a slower routine and the better usage of patience as the key to get tasks done every single day, along with celebration of failures on every analogue process. Fail, that's the only key for me to learn at this new playground.

I am by far still need more exercise (or rather, chance) in tackling how to handle my grip on its metal chase. I remember I failed on doing that during the prime introduction time, and that was really serious stuff for me to be aware of. The reason of applying is of course to get closer to this letterpress machine and be certified to operate this Heidelberg windmill one day.

If people out there think that being a printmaker is easy, think again. In fact, working more with your senses and feelings are slightly more tiring than squeezing ideas. Its nature needs more attention of details, and hell yeah the devil lays within the details, so there you go from scratch to quality control of each produced works. That's not easy to ramble on your intuition. 

But that's what I am looking for: the tactile ways to get me back to focus on things again, reducing layers of thought and let things work in order. For a scattered-brain person with the whole world fits into one tiny head, this training credits me therapeutical experience. Figuring that The Distillery has a good flow system helps me to understand that at any point in life, nobody is better than the (great) system. Man, I love such perspective I could grab on every counterpart I have with few machines and actions I currently get my hands on at the studio.

And just like finding a hook to what I passion of, I shall be grateful. Waking up to a totally different world than the mighty advertising is my choice at the moment, and departing on a printmaking time-machine is what I am learning right now. 

Let's make use of another week ahead.