Srikasih Febriyanti


It's About Time.

Let's do some check-up on the current state of yourself. Do you feel angry, do you feel sad? Do you get mad on things or are you upset? Have you done enough to claim your freedom? Or have you figured out how to differentiate what's wrong and what's right in between all their words of wisdom? 

You have grown, nurtured and shaped by situation, by fairness of good leaders and respectful partners at best and/or awful scenarios. You have taught to stand, to raise up your voices without shouting, to have guts from head to toe being a reliable person no matter how hard you have to try. You have strived for excellence under pressures and responsibilities. You have blisters nobody sees, you have less tolerance toward things that don't meet your logical sense. You are in pain. You are seeking the way out. You are stabbed over front and back, yet you are blessed by all of that.

Remember above all things that matter, you are matter the most. Remember to safe yourself before others at certain condition, because you too need to stop being selfless and avoid more loss. There's one little component inside your heart for you to follow, regardless anything the common senses have tried to break into you. Don't let any disappointment come across. Not anymore.

Never file your complains, because you shouldn't complain at all. You get what you deserve and if what you deserve now comes in a form of faith, you go ahead. Because as much as you want to stay in a sinking ship, you have to remember you might not be able to swim, knowing nobody even knows how deep such ocean would be like. 

Unlike others, you now have all reasons to get to know yourself once more. Pack your bag, get out of the system. Embrace this urgency. Meet yourself at the brighter side of day.

Since it's about time.