Srikasih Febriyanti



I've been encountering the complicated process of making digital application on my plate in between other things for the current campaign I am assigned to. Being on board to take on digital part and having floating flow of assumptions toward people's behavior is quite a challenge for me, knowing this is my first ever-experience. Lucky enough, some of my reading on this issue back when I was doing research during Skunkworks period does help a lot. At least I come handy with little folder that is stored at the back of my head.

Departing as a conventional designer, I finally got a chance to understand the idea of user experience and the importance of it as the core soul of the application. Design, as what comes to deliver and engage user, roles a major part as well... and designing interface draws a lot of humanized concept. During the whole process, I admit that trial and error are irritating, but I understand why is it, at the very least, irritates me. It is because I didn't wear my digital hat. I lost flexibility, I lost sense of simplicity. But after awhile, by taking it as a mental training for some sort of psychological exercise, things are quite go well on track... and this has led me to something deeply to appreciate oneself as human being which I found in between my meeting notes.

I realize that we are all now prepared to be arrived on different new world, different new habit where technology provides many efficiency that somewhat banging good & bad effect toward people. Regardless all of that, when the time is right, people have to be able to adapt well and simplify all the process a normal human could/should/would do on so many aspects in this life. I don't know how long it would take, but I guess being a creature of habit, someone could survive the transition to the new era. But I don't know, maybe it's true that when that time comes, human would be transmitted into new human being too, under the influence of new terminology to define 'life' in a whole package. 

If I have to summarize what I have learn so far in digital lately, I am happy to find out my own highlight for myself to keep. Digital has taught me that at the end of the day: your thoughts are not misplaced pixels, your habits are not rendered rhythm, and your brain stays concrete no matter how you try to wear the virtual helmet on. So stay being human. Highlighted those points personally are the best advantage to prepare myself if I ever jump into digital world one day. The best part is always about realizing the core of things before we deconstruct them into simplified beauties, right?

Our feelings are real. Our reaction is solid. Digital experience is a beautiful escape while we stand and built with water and soil of hopes. We would always come back to the basic when we're seeking about ourselves no matter how era would take us in the future.