Srikasih Febriyanti


Dear Faith.

It's been a long static way and I feel the need to walk out from the drainage zone to stay healthy, to be driven again and be well-recharged, to execute list of idea, to continue making things, and of course to take whatever ending as the new beginning. 

I did remind myself to come out and draw some courage to get out from the comfort zone. Somehow it breaks things trough because reality bites, and it does bite hard. But I guess, as we walk and walk further and we manage to see yourself alight toward the right station, we could tell when to stop and decide where to be next. 

It was a sunny day in Bangkok when I got my faith restored, in me, in you. Apparently, after all that clash of wants and needs that are living together on a scrabbled mind, coming home to where I belong is always the best choice. Now, in between me and you and the home we once built, let's make sure that nothing would tear us apart again.