Srikasih Febriyanti



There was one time someone told me that the key of being success is by focusing on one thing and be really good at it. The point then sharpened into the more specific your skill set is, the merrier it is for yourself. He convinced me at the very beginning, but then again, I think I didn't have to be totally agree with that.

Maybe because I came from various background interests and my terminology of 'focus' doesn't have to be similar with what's written at everyone's dictionary. For example, one could be acknowledged as a strategic thinker, while he does feel that he's a creative person at heart yet he has a great ability on handling tactile machinery stuff... and happen to have a band on his own named after his favorite chemistry's teacher because he was on science class or some sort.

The way I treasure my creative path comes from one skill to another and I feel totally fine with that. The possibility to transform from one designation to another and still perform well at each stage means that elaboration contributes good thing for career growth. Specification during certain designated period is necessary, but I guess a freedom to drill up on specific interest on another level is important too, knowing that human is filled with potentials. So, why doubt yourself on having various affair of skills to enhance the quality of yourself? 

Few days ago, I had a chance to meet up with an Indo-Seoulite friend of mine who's now on her break period. She has one start-up company to be taken care of in daily basis, and at the same time doing many other things in order to pursue more achievement. And for the first time, she seconds me on a statement that it is okay to focus on many things to reach your goal point. Yes, whatever and wherever that might be.