Srikasih Febriyanti



Starting my day by putting assurance into myself, that a turn-over is fine, and a drift is sometimes necessary. So cheers for any possible opportunities, insurance for failures, to a dream to be part of something bigger... here or there or anywhere else on earth.

If that chance were mine, I would do anything to nourish such differences, difficulties, even building commitment in between passion and business that gets mixed at such broad plate. I choose to live not by who I am in the industry, but what I do for this industry. 

Just like someone stands in the middle of the junction, I am throwing away my GPS to set where to go. Following intuition in such a contrast pathway on my career is kind of process that I cherish lately. Getting back to the root of my passion in design technique and technology is what I am hoping for now. Registering myself into places to get my hands dirty is what I think essential, which at the same time, wiring my systematic thoughts on the presence of user experience is worth to try either.

All morning beaming of how my tiny hub would grow and how would my letters stored happen to be on breakfast menu of the day. And of course, understanding that such a turn-over from where I stand now to where I (decide to) stand tomorrow need guts more than I ever thought. And if I really want that, I shall work hard for that.

Leaving the life of sunnies and rainbows, one shall be ready to fail. For it might be the key on getting one's grip stands stronger than ever.