Srikasih Febriyanti



There is something unusual that usually found when you finally get back on duty to track back what have you done, what have you achieved so far, what have been put on hold, or what have been burned to ashes in your life. Those things often bring us an acknowledgement to one-self, to keep on trying to make the best out of what we have, to get up after falling hard, to build up after being crashed to pieces.

Those sequences happened in the last 6 years brought me to a point where I could stand on my feet seeing what I've planned out came true as I ever projected. Mine might not as perfect as others, but as solid as it is, I could see mine works well even with my eyes closed.

Sometimes what we need is just a courage to believe, that our willingness would drive us to the edge of every barrier and we would eventually make it happens as we wish. Just like the words of Lupita Nyong'o on her 86th Oscar Academy Award's acceptance speech today which could be a great thing for us to ponder before the night ends.

"No matter where you come from, your dreams are valid."