Srikasih Febriyanti


Magical Merge.

In order to embrace the latest Ghibli's film "Kaze Tachinu/Wind Rises" which is screened in the cinema for the first time ever in Indonesia, I'd like to go deeper on the makers of this great animation. Besides, I am a sucker of collaboration out of two friends who merged their talents to create masterpiece. I guess that's the only portrait of friendship that I'd like to believe in as seen below, taken from Studio Ghibli 25 Years Concert live at Budokan which is capturing the duo finest moments equipped with shared passion and love. If you're a Ghibli's enthusiast, get yourself some spare time to watch this concert here.

As written on the FACT Magz, Joe Hisaishi and Hayao Miyazaki’s relationship started back in 1983, when Hisaishi was recommended to the filmmaker by a friend to create a soundtrack for 1984’s Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind. Not long afterwards, Miyazaki established Studio Ghibli, and the two would work together on each one of Miyazaki’s long list of influential and beloved animated features. Hisaishi’s background was in electronic music, and indeed this influence is very much a part of his early scores.

However, as Miyazaki’s popularity (and the budgets) grew, Hisaishi transitioned easily into fully-fledged orchestral scores, retaining his keen grip on melody and minimalism which was to be his calling card. While Hisaishi didn’t only compose for Miyazaki, the collaborations proved incredibly fruitful and allowed the two friends to develop a very distinctive sound and feeling to each of the movies. 

May all the works remain as gold for them, and for us who withdrawn such inspiration from one of finest art in this century.