Srikasih Febriyanti



Hong Kong x Macau x Seoul x Busan

She started this project based on idea of enjoying travel in different places at the same time together
by exchange documentaries, notes and pictures with another traveler. To experiment with this,
recently she invited her good friend, Sheila Soraya to mash their traveling experiences at
these four cities into shared visual diary from 1,297 miles distance from each other. 

She picked up her enthusiasm on photography through analogue camera and dark room experiment back in early college year in 2004. With the classic Nikon FM10, she trained herself on analogue technique in capturing and composing at the right moment. Her object of interest would always related to photojournalism and storytelling approach.

Feel free to tap on some of her 35mm stories.

Analogue photography has been an effective medium for her to visually communicating personal perception in a fraction of a second, of the significant of an event. By keeping the habit of taking photographs at any random time,
she found surprising nostalgia from random rolls once their processed out of order. 

take a peek of what's pop up from the old days.

The love of 35mm films grow through one assignment to another, up to the point of her making a slight turn to Lomography at 2006. She started with few multiple lenses plastic cameras from Actionsampler to Supersampler, Colorsplash to Fisheye, Oktomat to Roboto 3. It took her quite a while to explore and participated in Lomography exhibitions, before finally picked Holga CFN120 to focus on medium format.

See how she seeks the wittiness of analogue plastic camera.

Traveling has been part of what she does for almost a decade. Going solo has brought her a chance to meet another traveler, found stranger that turns to be family, and of course experience the life out of home.

See those places she had been, those people she met.

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