the playground

She spreads away her daily energy into affiliation that suits her vision.
Mostly thrilled by visuals and literature, she mixed ideas and passion to craft her own
railway to ride with her partners and collaborators.



Her unexplainable interest on literature and graphic design led her to the birth of Letterplatters. This weekend studio runs by heart where she put all her excitement into works, thoughts, collaborations and mini exhibitions as part of nurturing talents and empower them. She also on a mission to publish good content by releasing titles from hidden gems in town. 



Being half machine of the whole, Kramakata is founded by her and her creative partner based on the shared concern upon willingness to contribute something good through functional design solution. The word 'krama', which translated as stage, infuse the spirit to believe in a process as well as focusing on the people and working smarter to reap a better result.