what's on HER plate?

Sehat hati, sehat tubuh, senantiasa utuh.

 This section is started as to welcome herself to new decade by channeling the force to
know herself better. She decided to commit into journaling her new endeavor about
her health, her passion and the decent pathway of simple life to stay content.



Earlier this year, she is blessed by a chance to start some herbal treatment to sort out problems out of her body. This leads her to learn about how nature strikes back by contributing its essentials through leaves and herbs and making it easy for her to fix what's necessary. Aside form all the knowledge gained through discussion and research, she just loves how the idea of letting nature heals her body works perfectly.  



As lucky as it sounds, she gets the best advice to shape a new habit of drinking coffee for the sake of healthy heart. Being a newbie who has been surrounded by coffee enthusiasts, she takes this chance to get to learn and appreciate—as well as finding her own way to sip what suits herself. Believing that there's much to know more than just a caffeine intake, she looks forward to see how this habit would brighten her day. 



There's no way that she would give up her love for food. And as much as she'd like to stay healthy by reducing the consumption of gluten and ice, the adventure of her plate would be restricted yet enlightened in some ways. Take a look of food series she writes for publications, new learning on back-to-basic food, journals collected to add knowledge, recipes, and her calling to back cooking in the kitchen again.