Srikasih Febriyanti


Moving image fascinates me.
It allows emotions to speak
and visual to be heard.

Having a role to bound in advertising industry and being attached with brands with various personalities
has brought interesting process to understand visual communication better in day-to-day basis. Shaped and trained as an Art Director
to guard communication of the brand, these projects below are few visualization of creative process and
outputs on helping brands to achieve their business goals.


Safe Running

In Jakarta, running or marathon activities have been spread out from time to time and this trend is quite engaging to people from any age and any background to participate. However, taking this activity as a fun thing to do, most of the first-timer or casual runner often neglect its safety side. Taking some hard lesson from fatal injuries in order of poor stamina, Pocari Sweat feels the need to increase their awareness on safe running, so they could prepare themselves better from possible injuries that might happen to their bodies.


To highlight the importance to stay rehydrated on its Ramadhan campaign this year, Pocari Sweat collaborated with ISID Japan through their pilot app named "Click2Catch" to enhance its education process. This app integrates TV commercial with users through smartphones by catching the audio to log into activation.

Pocari Run Jakarta

Initially riding a trend of marathon in Jakarta these days, Pocari Sweat initiates a safe running campaign that is implemented through Pocari Run Jakarta 2014. This is also to educate the casual runner how to run safely by preparing themselves with right exercise and apparels
before they hit the long run.

Rehydrate Ramadhan

During Ramadhan, people who are fasting have potential to get dehydration. People tend to break their fasting with any drink which is hardly absorbed ina short time. To avoid bloated stomach, Pocari Sweat is best consumed on breakfasting time, making sure the body rehydrated faster and refreshed better.

Futsal Championship

In conjunction to the annual futsal competition, Pocari Sweat offers even bigger event for their second championship this year. Held nationwide in 18 big cities, this championship is claimed
to be the first game with home & away system among such competition for
high school category in this country. 

Bebestar (Season 3)

As to reminisce the success of the former Bebestar, Bebestar 2 is expected to be a creative medium to spot on new talented kids as well as let other kids to have star experience through its cool activations. Watch the teaser ad, invitation ad and big bang ad as to deliver the 360 communication comprehensively.

Bebestar (Season 1)

Sharing the vibe of being a star, Bebestar 2 comes with Bebecamp, where talented finalist were coached to perform for the big night. The big bang itself was celebrated on Mother's Day, where everyone—not only the talented winners—could share a day together and got their experience taped on Global TV. 

Tony Soehari

Toni Soehari is started off from the "It's In Me" campaign that concerns on doing one healthy thing a day. By setting up a character that lives up on 30 webisodes for about a month, this campaign was successfully hit almost 2 millions views and became a case study for Google Indonesia. Watch the whole series here.

Bebebots (B3)

This promotional campaign allow us to make different gimmick for different GUM categories.
Even though Bebebots is emphasized more on education and creativity for GUM4 kids, but it does not make any barrier to be tapped on to the little ones, as foldable bolster which has double function to be a neck pillow as well.

Pulang Kampung

This adzan filler supports AXIS Ramadhan campaign back in the year 2012. My responsibility was to supervise the content hand in hand with Kompas TV Indonesia to deliver the material right to AXIS. This portrays "pulang kampung" moment during Hari Raya.

Bebestar (Season 2)

To differentiate the communication from the first one, Bebestar 2 is made not only for competition purpose as to amplify bigger general audience. By elevating the concept of "Everyone a Star" to every kid, they are invited to experience venue of star's playground held in few major shopping malls in Jakarta.

Mother's Day

To celebrate Mother's Day at the end of 2012, Bebelac wants to have a commercial that is dedicated for every moms. The idea is to show the sincerity by giving slice of thoughts from children's perspective on how to express their loves to their mothers. This commercial was put on air during the period of celebration.

Power Nap

As a gimmick, Toni Soehari's task is to inform about how easy it is to switch on a healthier lifestyle. It is started by doing simple thing in a day. Every episode gives one important health issue that is wrapped within funny and entertaining short clip, making it easier to common people to have their personal take on this issue.

Bebebots (B4)

Initially, Bebebots campaign was more on experimental gimmick. It is made as collectible items,leaving a room for us to come out with series of robot characters, tools,
vehicles and dioramas. This project consumed long crafting process
to complete the message driven by the sales.

Seleb Kensel

Taking the real event of Julia Perez and Dewi Persik's happening fighting scene awhile ago, we impersonate the anxiety on a cancelled celebrity who initially directed to be on the ad. The treatment was raw and as real as it should, so it's rough enough to be seen as viral footage.



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